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Thanks to the recently passed health insurance reform legislation, millions of Americans will now have access to affordable health insurance options.  The biggest challenge will be to educate consumers on the health insurance options that best meet their needs.  Consumers that are searching for a simple health insurance resource will find individual-health-insurance-quotes.com an invaluable resource.  Our partner, eHealthInsurance has developed the best pricing with insurer direct rates for virtually every major carrier including Blue Cross, Blue Shield, Humana, Aetna, Kaiser, Health Net and many more.

Affordable Health Insurance Quotes for Individuals

Individuals that are self employed or do not have access to group health insurance are the most common applicants for individual health insurance.  Because individual health insurance rates are generally based on an individuals health history, often times individuals in good health can receive much more competitive rates in a private plan than offered through a group.  Group health insurance rates are based on pools of insured’s that are both healthy and not so healthy with the unhealthy members typically driving up the cost of insurance for the group.  For this reason, relatively healthy individuals can obtain very competitive rates in the individual health insurance marketplace.

Affordable Health Insurance Quotes for Families

Family health insurance plans can be much more affordable than you think.  Each plan can differ greatly in coverage’s and benefits, especially between carriers. That’s why it’s important to compare health insurance options and rates between multiple carriers.  Similar to individual health insurance, family health insurance is basically an individual health insurance plan that covers families including spouses and dependents.  As with individual plans, family rates are based on the health history of the applicants.  In many instances a family plan provides the best package of benefits for healthy families.  In instances where some family members may have unique health needs, it may make sense for each family member to have their own individual health insurance plan.  This allows for each family member to have an insurance plan tailored to their own individual needs.

Low Cost Individual Health Insurance Options

The health care needs of you or your family will play an important role in determining which type of health insurance program is best for your particular situation.   Below are some of the most common health insurance options available.

Health Insurance Quotes For Individuals

HMO Plans

HMO’s, also known as health maintenance organizations are one of the most affordable and popular health insurance choices for individuals and families.  HMO’s are characterized by low deductibles, and co-pays for as little as $10.  HMO’s function by allowing a primary care physician of your choice to be your primary point of contact for your health insurance needs.  If you or a family member needs to seek care through a specialist, your primary care physician will generally set up a referral.  The only downside to HMO’s is that care is typically not available outside of the network.

PPO Plans

PPO’s, also known as preferred provider organizations, are flexible plans that allow families to save money by utilizing health insurance resources within a network, while at the same time, maintaining access to out of network benefits for an additional cost.  PPO’s are very popular for individuals and families that seek affordable, flexible health insurance coverage.

Health Savings Account Plans (HSA Eligible Plans)

HSA eligible plans are very affordable forms of health insurance that were created relatively recently as a means of curtailing the rising costs of health care over time.  In a nutshell, HSA eligible plans are high deductible health insurance plans that provide coverage for catastrophic events while leaving the smaller, more common health care expenses to be paid by an insured out of pocket.  Insured’s enrolled in an eligible HSA plan can save money in special HSA savings accounts which can then be used to pay for eligible health care expenses tax free.  By having individuals negotiate for smaller health insurance expenses directly with their doctors and only purchasing necessary medical care, these plans are thought to help offset the overall rise in health care expenses.

Indemnity Plans

As opposed to a major medical insurance plan, indemnity health plans compensate insured’s when they incur an applicable event such as being diagnosed with cancer or having suffered through a serious accident.  The two most common indemnity plans are hospital indemnity plans and cancer indemnity plans.  A hospital indemnity plan typically pays anywhere from several hundred dollars per day to a thousand dollars per day if an insured is hospitalized for a qualifying event.  Similarly, cancer plans pay a predefined benefit when a policy holder suffers from a qualifying form of cancer.

It’s important to note that indemnity plans differ greatly from health insurance plans in their form and structure.  These plans are meant to supplement the benefits provided by a health insurance program, rather than replace it and are most beneficial when combined with high deductible plans, such as HSA’s, because they can defer part or all of any applicable co-pays or deductibles.

Other Insurance Products

While Individual Health Insurance Quotes only offers health insurance products, you may want to contact one of the resources below for other insurance related inquiries.  One of the most common purchasers of  individual health insurance plans are small contractors as they generally do not have health benefits from another employer.  Contractors will find the following resources very useful in getting a quote for a contractors bond at http://www.californiacontractorbonds.com/ or bonding and insurance needs at http://www.schaedlerinsurance.com/california-business-insurance/bond-insurance/california-contractors-bond/.